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Why Not Sell More for Higher Gross?

Increase Your Volume And Your Gross With The Shopper Stopper

Dealers utilizing The Shopper Stopper sales system experience immediate increases in gross profits regardless of their current averages.

The Shopper Stopper process is an aggressive, cost plus soft sell approach that will increase write ups, reduce your per customer advertising expense, increase retail deliveries and per car profits.

Because our process is in-line with what the buyer wants in the sales process we deliver results with amazing consistency. To sell more cars and trucks deliver what the customer wants, exceeding their expections as well as those of your salespeople.

We help dealerships just like yours to sell more cars and trucks at higher grosses. You can sell more for higher grosses than what you're doing right now.

Watch some dealer video testimonials and then call them. You will hear first hand from these dealers that since becoming Shopper Stopper clients they have become more successful than ever in their dealerships histories.

Just click here to watch the videos.

Where Do They Get Their Information?
Mike Stoner
Often buyers already know as much or more than you do about factory to dealer pricing. Both customer and factory to dealer incentives are available to them as well. Buyers can obtain information . . . keep reading
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Great Managers
  1. They are Great Communicators.
    Communicating is not just making sure you're understood but also listening and making sure others know you understand them.
  2. They are Team Builders.
    In a car dealership the success of the manager is dependant upon the success of the rest . . . keep reading
What Makes A Good Leader
by Mike Stoner - The Shopper Stopper
What makes a good leader? 1. Knowing your processes better than your people do. The best coaches make the most effective leaders. Know the play book inside and out and be willing and ab . . . keep reading
Maintaining A Great Attitude
by Mike Stoner - The Shopper Stopper
We've all heard it before, your attitude is your most valuable asset. This has never been more true than it is with today's customers. So how do you keep a good attitude? Make it a priority in yo . . . keep reading
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Here's what our members are saying ...
"$748,00.00 on 204 units in May, 2011. WOW! Love the Shopper Stopper".
Peter Chung
General Manager
Magic Toyota
Lynnwood, WA

"It has been just over a year since we became Shopper Stopper clients. In that time our per car gross is up over $800.00 per car and our volume has increased at the same time. We wouldn't consider selling cars any other way now".
May 2011
Jim Patch
General Manager
Hudiburg Toyota
Oklahoma City, OK

"The Shopper Stopper program delivers what you said it would and more. Our customers are happier, our salespeople are happier and so are our managers."

Erik Paulson
General Manager
Michael's Toyota
Bellevue, WA

"I would recommend "Shopper Stopper" to any dealer regardless of how large or small. it simplifies the sales process, increases gross and increases customer satisfaction".
Bourk Boyd
Vice President/General Manager
Ontario Chrysler Dodge Jeep
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"not too many Dodge/Hyundai/Suzuki stores in non-metro towns doing $740,000.00 on 202 cars."
David Withnell
Dealer Principal
Withnell Dodge
Salem, OR